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Why Toe Rings are important in Indian Culture?

We all are well known that India is old country and very rich in culture. There are different cultures, traditions and hence, India is divided into various states and these states are recognized due to their cultures and traditions. So many traditions are there, especially for women.

As I am a lady and I am a big fond of wearing different ornaments i.e. pieces of jewelry, I would like to share my thought on one of the respected tradition of wearing different jewelry ornaments. There are so many types of ornaments in India that women prefer to wear. Every day, there are couple of new collections are going to launch. Though the tradition of wearing different ornaments in different states in our country, but the common thing is that every lady who has got married, she must wear a toe ring in her feet. Mostly these toe rings are made up of Silver Metal. As the silver is the precious metal, toe rings are also mean to precious for every married woman.

Many of us think that these pieces of ornaments are just sake for beauty. But I would like to clear this thing that each of these toe rings has an importance on women’s health and overall well being and of course all these things are connected to thousands of years of our tradition in our country, India.

In many different Indian cultures, during the wedding ceremony, the husband puts the toe rings on his wife’s second toe of both feet.

Different Names for Toe Ring in different States in India

In India, Toe ring is a symbol of married women. There are different names for toe ring in different culture of states.

In Marathi, Silver Toe Rings are known as Jodwi/Jodvi  (जोडवी), where in Hindi it is known as Bichiya (pronounced: bee-chee-ya)Mettelu (మెట్టెలు) in Telugu, Minji (മിഞ്ചി) in Malayalam, Angot (আঙট/আংট্) in Bengali, Metti/Kanaiyazhi in Tamil (மெட்டி/கணையாழி) and toe rings are known as Kaalungura (ಕಾಲುಂಗುರಗಳು) in Kannada.

Benefits of Silver Toe Rings

These are very small silver rings which usually wore in the second toe or in longest toe and also depending on women’s choice.

1. Silver Toe Rings are good for every women health as these helps in regulates the menstrual cycle and it helps to increase the chances of conception, as the slight pressure on the second toe ensures a healthy uterus.

2. Some cultures also say that the pressure felt on the second toe helps ease the pain during intercourse. Unmarried Hindu girls however put toe rings on the third toe, to help ease with the menstrual pain.

3. The toe rings connect the body with the earth, and silver being a good conductor absorbs the polar energies from the earth and transfer the women body, thus refreshing the whole body.

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    This is very really unique helpful information. keep it up. Thank you so much!

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