Disposable Bra For Beauty Parlor & Spa White


  • Material: Spunlace
  • Color: White
  • Size: Free Size
  • Features: Lightweight, Disposable
  • Applications: Can be used during Travel, Periods, SPA Massage, Post-Maternity
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Disposable bra are lightweight innerwear for women, which are used just for one time and then tossed away. Hence the name, use and throw bra. Several reasons can be sighted over why women wear these types of disposable bra. The product manufacturers, based on the needs and usage preference, will design and produce these sanitary bra. Of the several uses, most significant use of the product can be stated as during travel, SPA massage, post-maternity. A woman goes through a lot when she brings a life into this world. After giving birth, she will have to face some issues and these disposable bra will be a great relief at that time of her life. Bra-mazing relief! Made from 100% natural fibers, the Vishtish disposable bra liners keep the foundation of your wardrobe dry and comfortable by absorbing moisture under your chest. Designed to fit under any bra, the liners are soft, thin, and discreet. In a fanciful formal dress or a stylish separate, Vishtish helps keep you feeling confident! Includes Vishtish disposable bra Biodegradable One size fits cup sizes B to EE 100% natural non-woven cotton fibers.




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